Join us on Zoom for prayer on Tuesdays and Fridays

Our live, interactive prayer services use a liturgy that is divided up into parts or “voices.”  Five minutes before the scheduled service, those who are present volunteer to pray one of the numbered parts (voices).  All are welcome to join us, even if you don’t want to pray out loud.  You can find the liturgies using the buttons below:

Tuesday Prayers

12 pm CST
Prayers for the Church
and the Parish

7 pm CST
end of the day prayers
from the Book of Common Prayer

12 pm CST
Prayers for the Church
and our Nation
during the Pandemic

Friday Prayers

12 pm CST
A Litany for Fridays

12 pm CST
Prayers of Penitence for ourselves and the Church

12 pm CST
Prayers of Thanksgiving
during the Season of Easter

hands, open, candle

To join us live, contact the parish administrator for the Zoom meeting ID and password using the link below

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