The Ministry of the Altar Guild

The duty of the Altar Guild is to prepare all things necessary for the celebration of Eucharist and/or any of the Sacraments and Offices of the Church.  This includes Sunday morning Liturgies, Funerals, Wedding, Baptism, special services such as Evensong, Lessons and Carols, Christmas Eve, and the liturgies of Holy Week and Easter.  The preparations are done reverently and prayerfully so that all services may proceed in order and beauty to the glory of God in Jesus Christ.  The parish Rector is always the Head of the Altar Guild and sets the rules, the style, and the tone of the services by his/her preference for placement of the vessels and all other items needed for the services.

In the Episcopal Church all men and women who have been confirmed are eligible for Altar Guild work.

Members of the Altar Guild have instructions in procedures and terminology.  They usually work in teams to prepare and take care of the sacred vessels and all the other necessary articles to be used at the Eucharist and all other services.   Members also take care of the Communion Kits, Altar linens, candles, flowers and polishing of the Silver and Brass.

The Altar Guild is a Ministry of Service.
It is a body of deeply committed persons dedicated to serving our Lord and their contribution is a devotion to the great Glory of God.

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