Our History

Our History

March 1985
Breaking Ground

In March of 1985, we broke ground to begin our church building.  The Church of the Transfiguration was only the third congregation to call Lake St. Louis home by this time.

September 1980
Small Beginnings

In September of 1980, eighteen Episcopalians met with the Rev. George Quaterman of Trinity Episcopal Church, St. Charles and discerned the call to form a second congregation in western St. Charles County.  

wooden cross

November 1980
Mission Church

Bishop William Jones approved our request to become a Mission Church.

Our first worship service together was on November 2, 1980.  In these earliest months, we met in homes.

January 1981
first annual meeting

The first annual meeting of “The Episcopal Community at Wentzville” was held on January 25, 1981.

April 1981
Taking a Name

We held a special meeting after the worship service on April 5, 1981, and determined that we would officially be called Church of the Transfiguration.

We were now large enough that we no longer could meet comfortably in homes.  

We began worshipping in a space within Elder Court, a senior citizen apartment complex.  

We used a covered pool table for our temporary altar.

July 1983
Settling on a Place

We continued to grow, and soon Elder Court was too small for us to gather together.  In July of 1983, we were able to purchase a 3.4-acre plot of land in Lake St. Louis. Like Transfiguration, Lake St. Louis was a growing community.

November 1985
Opening our Doors

Our red doors were first opened in November of 1985.

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