About Us

Disciples of Jesus Christ in the World

We are a Christian community
accepting and inviting all persons
to share in worship, witness and service,
as disciples of Jesus Christ in the world.

We are an Episcopal Church

The Episcopal Church is part of the world-wide Anglican Communion which traces its roots back to the Protestant Reformation in 16th-century England.  

We offer ancient liturgy that speaks to modern people.

We are part of the Episcopal Diocese of Missouri.

and Inviting

All are truly welcome
at Transfiguration Church.
There are no exceptions.

We are a diverse group of Christians who enjoy fellowship with one another, and we find our differences to be a source of strength.  Our faith community has room for people of all ages, abilities and ethnicities.  We are a mix of liberals and conservatives, straight and gay, bisexual and transgendered, married, single, divorced, and widowed.

Worship, Witness,
and Service

Our lives as Christians are nurtured and shaped by the common worship that we share from week to week. 

Before the Pandemic, we offered two services on Sundays:  a Rite II Holy Eucharist at 8:00 am and 10:15 am. 

During the Pandemic, on Saturday evenings and Sunday mornings we worship from our homes using the video for Sunday.  We praise God, listen to Scripture, pray for ourselves and others, remember how we have been fed by the Eucharist in the past, lament that we cannot gather now, and ask the Holy Spirit to sustain us and the entire Church until we can gather again.

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