The Power of the Prayer Shawl

Recently I asked Rev Lu-Anne if I could have several prayer shawls. I wanted to provide to four women I know, each going through their own personal health struggles. I told Rev. Lu-Anne that I would be more than willing to pay for the yarn or the shawls. Without hesitation, Rev. Lu-Anne told me that it wasn’t necessary, the prayer shawls were available to those who need comfort and prayer, without cost.

I want to share the messages I received with you about the power of the prayer shawl, in the words of the recipients:

From Tonya who is suffering from a debilitating and life-threatening disease: “Oh my goodness I have been in bed all day and woke up and saw the best thing in the world, you made my night. I love the shawl, it’s beautiful and it will make me feel warm. Please thank the ladies at your church.”

From Jo who was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a mastectomy: “I can feel the warmth and love and prayer in the beautiful shawl. It is so very special to me and I love that it is purple! Thank you and to the ladies who knitted and prayed while making this beautiful prayer shawl.”

From Tootie who has difficulty walking due to bad hips: “Thank you so much for sending me the beautiful prayer shawl. The colors are beautiful and it is so soft and cozy feeling. And mostly because I will be wrapped in the warmth of the prayers that go with it. Prayers are what I need more than anything else. Thank you again for the prayer shawl, it means so much to me. PS. Thanks also to your ministry ladies.”
From Kelly who is suffering from compromised pulmonary function: “Today I received the prayer shawl, I have never seen something so beautiful. I can’t tell you how much it means to me. I have it on right now. I love it so much. Thank you so much and thank you to the ladies of your church, for the shawl and the prayers.”

Our Prayer Shawl ministry often flies below the radar. Monthly we may see the lovely ladies of Transfiguration, knitting in the cry room. Sometimes we witness the blessing of the prayer shawls during the service. I am witness to the comfort and blessings that the prayer shawls bring. Somehow, the shawls transcend from a ball of yarn, into a beautiful, warm and comforting embrace. Clearly, no amount of money could purchase the shawls.

To the ladies who knit these wonderful gifts of kindness, thank you. Thank you for your gift of time, for your skill and talent, and mostly, thank you for the prayers that accompany each and every stitch of the prayer shawl.

They truly are powerful.
Tammy Schuster


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