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Thinking about New Year’s resolutions and wondering how this year’s might be different?  Join Kate and Donna as we use the national church’s The Way of Love to discern what a Jesus-centered and livable set of resolutions could look like in your life at this time.

Presiding Bishop Curry’s “The Way of Love:  Practices for Jesus-Centered Life” offers ways to develop a personalized set of resolutions that are livable, sustaining, and nurturing.  The program is set in the context of small group discussions, all of which will be on Zoom.

This program is a 9-week course of study with 5 additional weekly meetings for mutual support and discernment of how each person can live into The Way of Love.  The program will begin the week of Epiphany (Jan 6) and will meet weekly until the week before Holy Week. 

This study will help us as a parish have a common way of talking about what it means to be a Christian, an Episcopalian, and a member of Transfiguration.  To see Bishop Curry’s invitation to this program, click here. If you are interested or would like more information, contact the parish office.


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