Bible Challenge

When I originally accepted the position as your Junior Warden of Transfiguration, I quickly learned that the duties of either position (Junior or Senior Warden) goes well beyond the administrative duties of your Vestry.  A warden must have a love of God and to demonstrate this commitment to following the way of Christ.  Needless to say, a warden must be active in and knowledgeable about the congregation, its programs and governance.  A warden must have an ability to “check one’s ego at the door,” to be a servant of the people without a need to be the “most important person” in the congregation or to be the one with the right answers to everything. And one that took me by surprise, your wardens and your vestry should be involved in ministry and spirituality, not just finances. This is a change from what I originally expected of the vestry but yet so true.

“Leadership involves working to realize a vision of what the
parish could be but is not.  It involves change.”

biblechallengeWith the above quote in mind, as well as the duties I had just learned about, it was my goal to see how I could help out this congregation in the area of ministry and spirituality.  An idea that I myself could follow and learn along with everyone else.  I found that answer in the Bible Challenge.  I found this program on the National Episcopal Church website on a page rightfully titled The Bible.  At the bottom of this page is another link which takes you to the The Bible Challenge Page.  The National Episcopal Church has created this link to the Center for Bible Studies where you will also find a video by the founder, the Rev. Marek Zabriskie.  On the right side of the page there is a link to obtain the English version of the materials needed that will give you everything you need about the Bible Challenge. If you like however, you can print out a schedule of the Bible Challenge by clicking here.  I truly hope you accept and enjoy this Bible Challenge!

Paul Jokerst

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